the ex-Motown soul king is back

Philadelphia-bred singer and songwriter Floyd Lawson began his musical career as a member of The Hearts Of Stone, a rhythm and blues band whose debut album “Stop the World, We Wanna Get Off” was produced by Henry Cosby and released on Motown’s subsidiary VIP label in 1970. Not much afterwards the group moved to Quebec, Canada, and it wasn’t until half a decade later that a second album was recorded. “Coming Out” remained unreleased and was mainly used as a promotional tool, helping Floyd Lawson & The Hearts Of Stone land gigs within the local tour circuit. As opposed to the first full-length, the second album provides a much funkier sound, with heavy influences from the mid 70s soul scene and a number of covers, such as crossover soul gem “K Gee”, originally recorded by The Nite Liters. The few private presses that exist of the LP are now very in-demand among soul and funk collectors, and only change hands for vast sums of money.

In 2008 “Coming Out” finally got an official release, with Canadian Afrokats Records repressing the LP in a limited amount of 500 copies. That same year Record Kicks, in collaboration with Afrokats, issued two 45s with singles extracted from the album: raw dance-floor tracks "K Gee" / "It Only Takes A Minute Girl" and “Air I Breathe” / “Rated X”. Now, after a hiatus lasting more than 35 years, Floyd Lawson prepares his return on the scene as a solo artist with some brand new material. New killer 45 "Roof Top Sugar" / "I Ain't Going Nowhere" is scheduled for worldwide release in February 2011, and is sure to become another favorite for all funk and soul lovers out there. No doubt about it, Mr. Lawson is back in full effect and “Ain’t Going Nowhere”!

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