Shut your mouth, pussycat, fammi un macchiato!

"Italian Spiderman" is a no-budget italian B movie tribute made by an Australian student, whose trailer in 6 months was seen on Youtube by more people than 4 Oscar-winner “No country for old men” by the Cohen brothers. Web Series "Italian Spiderman" is a comedy concept devised by Alrugo Entertainment. The concept revolves around the production of twenty 3-minute short clips, which are presented as ‘re-mastered’ chunks of the only existing print of a fake 1968 film entitled "Italian Spiderman", lost at sea from 1969 to 2006.

"Italian Spiderman" stars Franco Franchetti in the main role; an overweight, misogynist super hero whose primary super powers include the ability to smoke constantly, drink coffee, teleport and occasionally fly. The film’s narrative revolves around a university professor discovering an asteroid, which contains a serum capable of duplicating and enlarging living creatures. The professor entrusts Italian Spiderman with keeping the asteroid safe, but his nemesis, Capitan Maximum soon has his hopes set on obtaining it. In November 2007, Alrugo Entertainment produced a trailer for the fake "Italian Spiderman" movie. It has now reached over 3,000,000 views on YouTube alone and has obtained another 1.000,000 views across other web communities (Myspace, Flobster..).

The soundtrack to "Italian Spiderman" is published by Record Kicks.

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