Published on Mercoledì, 18 Giugno 2008

"There is such a torrent of new Funk around at the moment – all recorded authentically, and all that – but even as someone who has been a long-time champion of it, I have to admit that a lot of it is average. This album is not. It is very exceptional. As it is produced by Lack Of Afro, you would expect it to be too. Although released on the fantastic and consistent Italian label ‘Record Kicks’, this band, I believe, are from Iowa in the US. Apparently it’s all been recorded live in the studio, as it should be, and they are very tight indeed. They seem to be a little bit undecided where they’re going as there isn’t a distinct direction as far as I can see, but that’s fine, they’ve got to find their feet as a new band. Actually, I like the diversity. There are a couple of tracks that don’t quite hit the mark but there are plenty of hard-hitting Funk tracks here and even a killer early-60’s R&B Popcorn tune called ‘Trouble Me’- which is in the James Hunter territory, so that can’t be bad! I’m looking forward to hearing more". DJ Snowboy (Blues&Soul Magazine)

"The Diplomats Of Solid Sound have really grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years -- starting as more of a garage/mod instrumental combo, but now emerging fully formed as a razor-sharp funk act! They've still got plenty of roots in the 60s, and there's a definite soulful vibe to their music -- but the drums are even harder than before, and they've really turned some of their energy towards more 70s-styled grooves. This set features the core combo with really great organ and electric piano lines from Nate Count Basinger -- plus tenor, baritone sax, guitar, and drums -- and some tracks also feature vocals from the The Diplomettes female trio, a group with a sharper edge than you might expect!"Dusty Groove Chicago

"The Diplomats vs The Diplomettes packs the punch of two legends defending their respective titles, it's almost unimaginable that this is only the first year of marriage (at least I hope that is the case). Both teams are deliberate and strut with hypnotic authority. The vocal harmonies are boundless, gorgeous and breathtaking. The band has never sounded as adventurous and complex: they were always cool, but now somehow in that sexy mature way that everybody wishes they were. This album is not overtly serious, so relax there is plenty of fun to be had! But neither is there is a single moment that comes off lazy, accidental or derivative of somebody elses hard work. Each song has its own personality and story to tell, along with the necessary dimension to repeat endlessly in the brain without prejudice. What's your encore ladies and gents?"Kahlil Breithaupt (Hammondbeat.com)

"Big ups to Record Kicks for giving us Iowa City's Diplomats Of Solid Sound . The Diplomats have a similar formula to their labelmates—and Ear Hole favorites—the New Mastersounds , but maybe with a little more grit. Hard drums, J.B.'s horn lines and nimble rhythm guitars bedrock these smart funk compositions, many topped with the golden female throats (c'mon, Google hits!) of the Diplomettes. Say it loud: I'm Iowan and proud"Elbow

"The Diplomats of Sound have been bubbling away for a while now, releasing killer singles and now they drop a heavyweight LP! Funky as hell. Check out 'Come In My Kitchen', 'Hurt Me So' and the Lack Of Afro Remix of 'Hurt Me So'. Heavy!"Fat City Manchester

"Diplomats Of Solid Sounds, a future soulpatrol soulsearching classic". Micheal Ruetten (Compost rec)

“Love the Diplomats of Solid Sound album and supporting it!”Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts)

+ DJ RADIO SUPPORT FROM: Mark Lamarr (BBC 2), "The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show" (BBC 6), Rob Luis (Totally Radio), "La Captura Del Sonido" (Ibiza Global Radio), "Soul Searching" (Compost Records), Simon Harrison's "Basic Soul", Ginger Tony (Solar Radio)....and many many more!

RKX022 DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND - "The Diplomats Of Solid Sound feat. The Diplomettes" out now on CD/LP/Digital Download

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