DJ Andy Smith pres: Let's BOOGALOO Vol.4

Published on Lunedì, 26 Marzo 2007

Dear soul lovers and groove addict, it's time again for a brand new volume of our VA Let's Boogaloo collection. Big surprise this time, we asked our friend DJ ANDY SMITH to compile it for you. Andy who was guest at Milano BOOGALOO club last year, is worldwide known for his works with the trip hop star Portishead and his "The Document" compilation series. He is an incredible 45 digger and funk & soul lover, he's been collecting records since the end of the 70s. When he is not playing around the globe, you can find him at his regular residency clubnights: Cargo, Madama Jo Jos alongside Keb Darge and at the Jazz Cafe. He was indisputably our man for this mission.

On Boogaloo vol.4, expect from Andy Smith a " no fillers all killers" deep funk, northern soul and latin boogaloo selection from the vaults of legendary labels such us Mirwood, Fania, Tico, Ace, Goldwax and much more... As we've always done in Let's BOOGALOO collection he also spotted few new bands to build an ideal bridge between the lost and explosive 60s 45s and the new brilliant and vivid contemporary funk & soul scene. ANDY SMITH selected for you deep funk sensation NEW MASTERSOUNDS with their new single Wait a minute, Japanese funkers cult band Osaka Monaural who recently recorded a live album featuring soul legend Marva Whitney, BABY CHARLES from Brighton the next funk scene big thing and Record Kicks aficionados Sweet Vandals with JB monster "Papa's got a brand new bag" the new single that anticipate their debut album on UNIQUE.... what else to say? Prepare your talcum powder and keep shaking baby, keep shaking!


1. Thirty Three - The New Mastersounds - (deep funk)
2. Dont Pretend - The Belles - (northern soul)
3. Boogaloo Le Bron - Lebron Brothers - (latin boogaloo)
4. Cards On The Table - The Diplomats - (R&b mod)
5. No Controlling Me - Baby Charles - (deep funk)
6. One Way Street - Little Ann - (northern soul)
7. She Lights My Fire - Osaka Monaurail - (deep funk)
8. You're Wasting My Time - Billy Ganrer - (deep funk)
9. Keep It Coming - Bobby Garrett - (northern soul)
10. Taking Over - Ralph Robles - (latin boogaloo)
11. They Say - The Ovations - (northern soul)
12. Ton Of Dynamite - Frankie Crocker - (deep funk)
13. Got To Get Me A Job - Ann Alford - (sister funk)
14. That's What I Want To Know - James Carr (northern)
15 Melao Para El Sapo ? Eddie Palmieri - (latin boogaloo)
16. Dynamite -The Harvey Averne Dozen - (latin boogaloo)
17. Papa's got a brand new bag - Sweet Vandals (funk)
AVAILABLE NOW ON LINE and in SHOPS at the following dates: 9 April UK / 30 April Continental Europe

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