Hi-Fly Orchestra for DJ Matzz (Quasimode)

Published on Mercoledì, 13 Gennaio 2010

Munich-based THE HI-FLY ORCHESTRA have been active on the jazz dance scene since 2005, and as long-term fans of the group we were thrilled when they decided to team up with Record Kicks for the release of two brand new singles on 45: "Roda De Samba" / "Latin Kick". Now DJ Matzz of Japanese super group Quasimode has selected "LATIN KICK" to appear in the compilation "Spunky!", a collection of dancefloor jazz scheduled to drop on EMI in March 2010, alongside tunes by such jazz legends as Horace Silver, Lonnie Liston Smith, Cannonball Adderly, Norman Connors, and Quantic & His Combo Barbaro (aside from Quasimode themselves).

Since its release a few months ago "Roda De Samba" / "Latin Kick" has stirred up quite a buzz and garnered the support of DJs such as Craig Charles (The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC 6 Music) Phil Levine (Eclectic Jazz), Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s / Shook Mag), Nik Weston (Mukatsuku Records), Bob Jones (Future Soul / manifesto Mag) and Perry Louis (Jazzcotech), to name a few. "Roda De Samba" has already appeared in the RK compilation SoulShaker Vol.6, whereas "Latin Kick" will appear in the forthcoming compilation MO' RECORD KICKS, due out in March.

I'm loving both sides to this inspirational Jazz Dance 45. Both tunes are well usable and the musicianship on both cuts is superb. It's very hard to say which side I like best as both 'Roda de Samba' and 'Latin Kick' bring modern Latino Jazz to the dance-floor. Wonderful modern Jazz Dance from one of the most credible labels on the planet.” – Dr.Bob Jones (Future Soul/Manifesto mag)

" Sophisticated Brazilian and latin vibes from the HFO for the more discerning dance floor!" - Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s/Shook mag)

"Yeah very nice tune. Support. Will play it at the radio" - Michael Reinboth (Compost rec)

''Irresistible latin jazz foot shuffler'' - Nik Weston (Mukatsuku Records)

"Love what Record Kicks are doing with dancefloor jazz just now, and once again they have got it spot on! This is fantastic! Musicianship is first class, and totally inspirational. Congratulations to all concerned!!!”Craig Charles (The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show on BBC 6Music)

"A majestic jazzy ride to the deeper side of music. More great work!" - Diesler (Tru Thoughts / Freestyle)

“Is Munich the new Rio? Germany always had a strong feel for brazilian music and these guys from Bavaria keep the fire burning! Old school but not old fashioned. Kickin´!”Oliver Korthals (Mojo Club)

"I love the Hi-Fly Orchestra 45. Like-minded Music for Like-minded people" - Perry Louis (Jazzcotech)

RK45 033 THE HI-FLY ORCHESTRA " Roda De Samba" / "Latin Kick" 45 Rpm / digital download.

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