Snowboy reviews MILANO JAZZ DANCE COMBO single "Much More"

Published on Mercoledì, 02 Settembre 2009

Milano Jazz-Dance Combo " Much More feat Colonel Red" / Sam Blues (Record Kicks)

"I’ve been waiting for this for months. Taken from the forthcoming album (see next month), this Italian project (produced by the label owner Nick) is absolute perfection for the world Jazz dance market. Of course, as the band name implies, this is tailor-made and on target like a bullseye. The a-side of this 45 is a fast flying Samba – perfect for the fleet-of-foot, with the b-side giving us double-dynamite and featuring (surprisingly) the legendary ace Broken Beat vocalist Colonel Red; who does a brilliant job." Snowboy

RK45 027 MILANO JAZZ-DANCE COMBO "Much More feat Colonel Red" / "Sam blues" 45/Digital download OUT 28.09.2009.

RKX 027 MILANO JAZZ-DANCE COMBO "s/t" CD/LP/Digital download. OUT 12.10.2009.

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